'throw out my heart and get a new one'

Daddy: is this the launch of an online shop?

Mummy: Idk is it?

i feel like trend reports are kinda an obvious trope (?idk) but I feel like I might need to write/make one

i need to get a better blog theme and sort my links eh

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'To Hannah, I kissed the bottom of a swimming pool and now my lip is swollen'

She’s sweet, she isnt too much or too little.  A unique and quirky girlie, she stands up for what she believes in. Embodying cute and sexy, she is both playful and classy, wearing just enough and just enough make up. Energetic, tousled, completely carefree x


manga car driving

new balance baby baby

unsticken balmy lashes

my favourite cool new shoes

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 It only takes a few minutes of drifting from friend to friend until you are in the territory of near or complete strangers. One of them is bound to have luscious hair or a laugh you can nearly hear. I wonder if there is a certain compulsion to touch people through the screen. I imagine a blue button for anonymously offering good or bad karma and trying to resist. Trawling through an ex’s profile is never good and that girl in school’s beauty has increased at a faster rate than even you expected. I wonder how far the semi-ironic and polished profiles of my immediate circle work as a refusal or compliance with this status quo. How deep-routed is my jealousy for the ‘friend of friend’? Rather than wasting all my time gazing into photo booth (a clear reflective pool), I must save some to gaze on others. It is an online side-eye, a subtler way to check up- if he got on fine without me? If you still love her? You dont lose any dignity because you dont have to ask. Being your own judge, you have power which you use as you please- on your self quickly or as quick as you can blunder half formed facts and easy assumptions into reasons to berate yourself. Its the easiest thing to do. There is still some cheek left over to fantasize that people look the same way on you. I suppose it is the boy who works at the campsite again and the girl in the flower shop. You stumble upon them just enough to be enticed and you just get better at it with practice, soon you hardly have to go outside.

Nice one Dizz.

look book


Id like to make a tiny soppy poetry drawn show called New Balance. Idk.

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hot berry crush on white bonnet

drive safe u, wet under and heavy

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sparkle shadow hanger eyes

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all this substance is holding you back